About Future Farm Grown

Our Story

Future Farm Grown is dedicated to consistently delivering high quality greens into Minnesota and Wisconsin year round. Since 2010, Steve Meyer and his team have been producing aquaponically and hydroponically grown lettuce, herbs, and greens in their 27,000 square foot facility located in Baldwin, Wisconsin. Their environmentally controlled facility allows them to maximize plant growth while conserving water so they can get the freshest and most nutritious produce possible. They take pride in their clean growing methods where they are certified in Good Agricultural Practice through the USDA, use only Non-GMO seeds and do not use any harmful pesticides in an effort to give their customers the cleanest possible produce.

Their farms are good for the earth, good for the plants and fish, and good for the people enjoying Future Farm Grown produce! Future Farm Grown takes their responsibility to preserve the environment seriously, and they are proud to supply the best quality foods to the local area all year round.

What they say about Future Farm Grown

It is our pleasure to work with such a great organization! Together we can make a difference in the fight against hunger!

-The Food Group

You are easy to work with and when there are problems you will try and let me know as soon as you can so that I can plan ahead. Plus my customers seem to prefer you butter lettuce

-Chris, Bergin Fruit & Nut

Yum…. I want this Butterhead lettuce EVERYWHERE!!

-Candace-New Richmond